Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today I am Excited!

I have so much to be excited about!  (Now that all the funerals are over and life can move on!)
I get to sew wool covers today!  I love wool!!!!  I am going to sew up all the wool for all the outstanding orders today!  Then they can all ship out hopefully Friday!  Exciting huh?

I am also super excited about my upcoming Review/Giveaways!  Have I mentioned I am having a BIG "Spring Fling" Review/giveaway?  No????  Well I am!  and it is going to be awesome!  I have found some big name things to throw in, but I have also found some awesome little Etsy shops to join HURRAY for WAHMS!!!
Some hints:
crayon rolls, slippers, bags, a custom CD'ing changing pad!, paint, natural toys...  and the list goes on and on!  Really it is going to be fab!    Watch for it the beginning of March!  Exciting huh?

But the most exciting!  I am now a wholesaler!  YIPPEE!  I am super excited!  I will change all the prices in my shop tonight and it will be official!  Isn't that the most Exciting of all?

So, what are you Excited about?

Happy Diapering


saskia said...

trading for diapers- exciting!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Congrats to you!!

Beccalynn said...

Congratulations on the wholesale thing. That´s awesome! I've been seeing so much of you on so many people's blogs that I didn't realize you weren't wholesale yet. Do you sew everything yourself or do you have staff hired to help you? I can't imagine one person doing all that work yourself!

ANd what am I excited about???

I'm excited that I sewed a successful cloth maxi pad today! And a diaper with really, pretty flannel inside. I'm also excited that we had a blizzard and I didn't have to teach today and I won't have to tomorrow! So much time spent with my little family and my sewing machine is very VERY exciting!!!