Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweetening the Deal!

Don't miss entering my amazing Waldorf inspired doll and matching Nifty Nappy  


Guess what?  Saskia has loved all the comments and the new followers.  She thinks I have amazing followers.  She wants to be able to reward all of you and not just the winner.  She is such a sweet person and she wants you all to be able to have a Snug Snuggly for your little ones!  So she is offering a discount to my amazing followers!  
Ready?  15% a purchase from her etsy shop!  
What you need to do is leave this code: 
nifty snuggly
In the comments to seller at check out and she will refund you, through paypal, your discount!

What a sweetie huh?  Now all your adorable kiddos can have soft, love-able dolls!  

So to sweeten the deal, I am going to offer a 20% discount on a matching diaper.  Most of her dolls are made from left over scraps from my diapers.  If you buy a doll from Saskia's etsy shop then want a matching diaper for 20% off you email me that you bought a doll and which one!  I WILL check with Saskia and then I will email you a SECRET code to be used for your 20% off!  

Tempting huh?  well hurry!  she doesn't have that many dolls listed!  :)  

Happy Diapering

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new little friend...

I have a friend I want to introduce you to.  You all know my diaper - giraffes in blue!  Isn't it super duper cute?

Well, my little buddy is just as cute!  He is a Waldorf inspired doll.  His maker is a dedicated customer and friend of mine.  I have given her scraps left over from my diapers that I just don't have time to use for anything else.  She makes them into these adorable dolls! And lots of other things too, she is so creative.  So cute and fun huh?

He is super soft being made with left over microfleece and cotton knit from my diapers.  As an added bonus he is stuffed with clean carded wool.  How much better can you get?  Saskia has 6 kiddos, and is an amazing mama.  Everything she does she does with love and some help!  :)  Saskia tries to live a very natural life.  They have animals and a great place for the kids to grow up.  She tries as best she can in their little community to make organic and healthy food for her family.  How amazing is it that she can do all this AND homeschool some of her kiddos?  I wish I could get as much done in a day as she does!  

Her dolls are not perfect.  They are handmade!  Saskia says about her doll, "It isn't perfect, but it's cute. I wonder if I will ever make a perfectly proportioned doll, maybe that will be my signature, dolls who aren't perfect, yeah, sounds good. Because we can all identify with that!"  Saskia just loves to sew and she is getting more proficient everyday.  She is also tinkering with making soft soled baby shoes...maybe they will be joining her etsy shop soon.  This little guy is soper soft with no parts that will come off and baby can choke on.  He is constructed very well and would hold up to playing and being loved.  

When she showed me the doll she had made with my left over fabric an idea started to brew!  I thought how cute and adorable it would be to have a matching diaper and doll?  So, here they are... Aren't they just the cutest?  What baby, or mama for that fact, wouldn't LOVE these?  

He is cute huh?  He has been sitting at my house for a few days and my 2 youngest keep begging to have him and play with him.  BUT....I have to tell them no because he is a part of my next giveaway!  
YOU get the chance to win this little doll.  You also get the diaper to go with him!  :)   

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!   <------
  • I can't contact you unless you leave contact info.  So in each entry you must have your email address!  If you don't I will pick another winner! 
  • Also you must leave a comment for every entry separately.  If you comment on Saskia's blog you need to eave 3 separate comments saying you commented!  

So since Saskia is new to this there are a few REQUIRED items for entry not the normal one.  

REQUIRED entries:  
visit  sunflowerradiantlove  which is Saskia's etsy shop come back here and comment on which doll is your favorite.  

(still required) follow Saskia's blog HERE.  She is an amazing person and I think you will love her blog!  

(still required)  this one is a duh!  follow my blog!

K, now for the extra entries: if it says 3 entires you need to leave 3 comments!  

3-entries: because I love comments...comment on Saskia's blog (let me know where)
3-entries: because I love comments too... new comment somewhere on my blog (let me know where)
2-entries: let's spread the word...grab Saskia's etsy button and put it on your blog
2-entries: even more word spreading...grab Saskia's blog button and put it on your blog
1-entry: heart Saskia's etsy page  (click the add seller to favorites on the right)
1-entry: heart your favorite doll in Saskia's etsy shop (on item page click add item to favorites on the right)
3-entries: become a fan on Saskia's facebook page  
1-entry: follow me on twitter @myniftynappy
2-entries: follow Saskia on twitter @saskiabutterfly
2-entries: 1st Tweet about this giveaway... tweet this 
Win a waldorf inspired doll from @saskiabutterfly and a matching @myniftynappy #clothdiapers ends 2/5 -->RT pls
1-entry: you can get 1 entry for 1 tweet a day!
3-entries: blog about this giveaway and come back and leave a link
2-entries: grab my blog button
1-entry: grab my webpage button
10-entries: purchase a doll from Saskia's etsy shop!

There you have it. There are a lot of entries there! Let's help spread the word about a wonderful gal and her amazing products!  

This giveaway is now ended! Mandy won! congrats to Mandy! Thanks for entering.

Happy Diapering

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What could I do with $9,500???

I have been nominated for a small business grant from intuit!  I could do so much with this!  I could advertise and stock up on fabrics and wool.  It would be awesome!
Anyway.  I need to have nominations from customers and fans.  This is where you guys come in.  It only takes a minute to do-really!  Also if you could let others know...  Thanks alot for your support!

*I know alot of you have seen this and voted already!  Thanks you guys are awesome!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

I am in this giveaway, here it the button!

Cloth Diapers Exposed

I am in the line-up for this amazing giveaway! :)
Can't wait!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

off the beaten path!

I know this is totally not diaper related, but I have to tell you I wish I was a better person!
I am in a book club.  We pick a book, and then we all read it and get together once a month to talk about it.  We end up visiting into the wee hrs every time.  I love it!  There are some pretty amazing ladies in our group.  I look at them and their lives and wish I was better!  I wish I could have their enthusiasm and love of life.  They get so excited about old stuff, like dishes and furniture.  We sit and talk knitting, and sewing, and antiques, and of course books!  It is so fulfilling to sit and be a part of, and then I go home and think my life is so lacking.  I...well... I don't know how to explain how I feel.
Do you ever feel this way?  Do have people that yo look up to - that inspire you?  I would love to hear about them.

Happy Diapering

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the WINNER is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-01-21 00:21:34 UTC

So who is #19?  Let's see it was....

Elana Kahn
Elana!  How fun!  
I will be contacting you!  :)  Congrats!

This was lots of fun and I have more coming your way!  The next is CD related!  :)
Just gotta finish getting the info from ONE of the participants!  :)  Curious?

Happy Diapering

Monday, January 11, 2010

Win some SOCKS!

I want to introduce you to a friend of ours!  We LOVE this little guy in our house.  Now, I don't generally like bugs, but Bugsley is cute and he is smart!  He knows that SmartKnitKIDS has “NO Seams to Bug Ya!”  Bugsley is a good bug, unlike the bugs in your kids' socks.  He protects little toes from icky seams.
Let's introduce you to SmartKnitKIDS socks k?  
SmartKnitKIDS is a brand of Knit-Rite, Inc.  Knit-Rite has been manufacturing medical textiles for over 85 years and is a third generation family owned business.  Their mission is to develop products for a better quality of life.
The Knit-Rite family is an amazing team and they are so humbled by the fact that what they do every day is helping someone. As a result of having the capabilities to innovate unique products, they often receive requests for hard to find products. A couple of years ago several moms contacted them searching for a truly seamless sock for their children. Knit-Rite began to understand that something as simple as a sock seam was a real issue for a child with sensory issues. Helping these children was a natural fit so they quickly developed a special sock for little feet.  The inspiration behind the seamless socks came from Moms just like you.  
You can read the whole inside scoop HERE.
Since Knit-Rite is a medical textile company, they can use innovate fibers in their products.  The antimicrobial fiber in the SmartKnitKIDSsocks was taken from the line of seamless diabetic socks called SmartKnit.  They found that the fiber had multiple uses; it helps to keep diabetic feet healthy and it prevents stinky feet in the kids socks. SmartKnit differ in that they have a heel where SmartKnitKIDS do not.   
Knit-Rite has several consumer brands including SmartKnitKIDS, SmartKnit, Therafirm, Therafirmlight.  Therafirm and Therafirmlight are brands of compression hosiery.  They also manufacture medical textiles for the Prosthetic and Orthotic community.  For more information about Knit-Rite and their products, you can visit them at 

So what do I think?  WOW!  We love these socks!  I won a pair off their twitter "12 days of socks" giveaway they had.  I got a pair for my oldest daughter.  She has super stinky feet!  -wow, she would be super embarrassed if she know I put that on the internet for the whole world to read  LOL!  I thought we could give them a try and see if they really did help with the stink.  
When we got the first pair of socks she put them on and the said she liked how comfortable they were.  
The first really run of them was wearing them to school in her snow boots all day!   really-they leave a 7am and get home at 4pm!  
So, how did they hold up?  Amazingly!  Her feet didn't stink!  I am thinking I need these for my hubby too!  hehehe!
I knew I had a rave review of these socks so I contacted them to see about a giveaway.  They sent me another pair of socks to try  with one of my other kiddos.  These ones are black and they are for my son Jacob!  He loves them!  They are his new dress socks.  He loves that he can pull them up as high as he wants and I don't get after him for pulling the heel up higher than it should be.  Do you have kids that do that too?  I hate that! 
He also likes the no seam thing -no bumps to rub on his little toe and give him a blister.  
-they come in a fun little box with a Bugsley of your own!  :) 

-See, really NO SEAMS!  

If you want to WIN some free SnartKnitKIDS socks here is your chance!  
They are offering 3 pairs to 1 winner Whoo-hoo! that is great!  more than I got  ; - )
The winner can pick the size and color

This giveaway will be open until January 19th (a Tuesday)
---remember I can't count your entries unless you make a separate comment here for each one!  Please put your email address on each entry for ease of contacting you!  -Thanks
K, here they are!  
Mandatory: follow my blog and go to their product page and comment back here about your color pick.  

There are plenty of extra entires for you too!  

A  1- entry: visit their blog Seamless Sock Drawer and become a follower!  
B  3- entry: I'm a big one for comments, so leave a comment on their blog about what you or your kids call the little "bugs" in your socks!  
C  1- entry: become a fan on the SmartKnitKIDS  facebook page 
D  1- entry: follow SmartKnitKIDS on twitter @smartknitkids
E  1- entry per tweet per day:  tweet this: Win amazing seamless @smartknitkids socks for the little one in your lives! ends 1/19 @myniftynappy

now some extras from me!  :) 
F  1- entry:  grab my new blog button  -can be found to the right, here on my blog
G  2- blog about this giveaway on your blog 
H  2- become a fan on my facebook page 
I   1- follow me on twitter @myniftynappy
J  1- grab my web page button  -can be found to the right, here on my blog

Good Luck!  
Happy Diapering

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Only 2 More!

I have another Nifty Nappy giveaway for you:

Motherhood and Miscellany

This is another $35 off Gift certificate!  
Make sure you follow Amy's blog!  She is fun and had a wonderful blog!

On another note....

Come on gals let's get 2 more followers!  I have 3 great giveaways for you let's get the word out and find those two!  :)

Happy Diapering

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nifty Nappy LOVE

I have a new Testimonial page on my website.  It has been super fun putting it together because I love it when others LOVE my diapers!  :)
Go have a look-see and check out if you are on there!  If you aren't and you want to participate just email me your thoughts along with your name, webpage, business -if applicable!
If you are and you aren't happy with what I put please let me know.
Testimonial Page

Thanks and
Happy Diapering

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost 100 followers!!!!

Like my new blog button?  It isn't the greatest, but it does the job right?
I also got a new signature thingy at the bottom of each of my posts!  how fun!

So I have 93 followers right now.  I am going to have a giveaway for you when I reach 100!  Actually I will have 3 giveaways!  One cloth related, and then 2 fun ones!  :)
Aren't you excited?
-help get those last few followers.  :)

Happy Diapering