Our Products

Here at Nifty Nappy we love Cloth Diapers!  Our cloth diapers are mostly a one size diaper that will fit from 7-35 lbs.  The exception to that is our Bitty Bum which is our take on a preemie/newborn diaper.  
In our line-up of cloth diapers you will find:
Nifty Nappy Fitted diaper- our very absorbent fitted. . . our personal fave!
AI2 diaper- our spunky AI2 diaper with a hidden PUL layer and a lay-in insert.
Heavy Doody diaper- our solution for heavy wetters
Organic Nifty Nappy diaper- our fitted only Niftier!  100% organic

Wool is magic . . . at least that is how I like to describe it.  When the woolie is wet it will smell pretty bad.  Just hang it out to dry though, and let it do it’s magic!  Then when the wool cover dries it will dry clean with a bit of a salt reside. It will also “magically” smell clean again.
The wool covers you will find at Nifty Nappy are:
Woolie Wrap- a wrap style cover
SuperDuper Soakers- bloomer style cover
Nifty Knickers- pant style wool cover
Weensie Woolie- a wrap style cover for the bitty ones.  

“The Snappy SwimzEaze keeps your babies tush comfy while keeping your mind at ease, knowing that everything will stay in the diaper and not in the pool”

So, we give you the…
Snappy SwimzEaze- Nifty Nappy's version of a reusable swim diaper.
Don’t you hate buying a swim diaper and then using it once and throwing it away?  With this reusable cloth swim diaper you can get many years of swimming in and have an adorable water baby!