Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a good cause!

I don't usually jump in line for a "cause".  This one grabbed at my heart though.
I will not publicize too much, but I want to direct you to it, then you take it from there.
this is a friends blog!
Visit: BigCity! Baby!

I will be contributing to this cause.  If you would like to help through me, just let me know.  
Thanks for being great!  

Happy Diapering


Kayla said...

I saw this through Twitter the other day. It breaks my heart...I can't imagine going through something so tragic. I don't think I would have survived childbirth and the sleepless, stressful weeks that followed without my husband.

JayZ said...

Thank you for spreading the word. I'm one of Mandy's wedding planning friends and we are all devastated about what has happened to our friend. We feel the need to do something and I really appreciate your help!