Sunday, February 7, 2010

Discount on Waldorf Dolls...... Retailing????

HEY THERE!  Did you love Saskia's little doll?  Wanna get one?  She is still offering the code for you lovely ladies!  BUT only for through MONDAY (Feb. 8th)
15% a purchase from her etsy shop!   Plus FREE SHIPPING for VALENTINES!!!! 
What you need to do is leave this code: 
nifty snuggly
In the comments to seller at check out and she will refund you, through paypal, your discount!

I am STILL going to offer a 20% discount on a matching diaper.   If you buy a doll from Saskia's etsy shop then want a matching diaper for 20% off you email me that you bought a doll and which one!  I WILL check with Saskia and then I will email you a SECRET code to be used for your 20% off! 

Tempting huh?  well hurry!  she doesn't have that many dolls listed  
*but she has posted new ones!!  :)  

I do have something else to add to tonight!
I have it in the works to start selling my diapers to retailers!  How exciting huh?  I am very excited!
However I have been selling my diapers to my wonderful customers at wholesale prices!  This means I will be raising my prices.  I wanted to give a heads up though!  So I will officially be a wholesaler starting on Wed. Feb. 10th!
I am excited for the changes this will bring about!  It is so neat for me to think that someday soon my diapers will be sold in stores with some “big name” diapers!
You can see the retailers and their shops on the menu bar.

Thanks for your awesome support!

Happy Diapering


saskia said...

how ever will you keep up? Are your children good at cutting out? My son is- ha ha- he's cut out 9 pairs of shoes and got some serging done on them so now they are ready for me- ha ha!