Monday, October 5, 2009

About Nifty Nappy

We are a homegrown Company.
We are still small, but growing like wildfire -which is really exciting! 
We consists of
Wonderful Hubby
...and we are trailed by 6 kiddos!
current ages: as of Feb, 2010
Girl #1 -11
Girl #2 -10
Only Boy -8
Girl #3 -6
Girl #4 -4
Girl #5 -2

We love being a family.  We love to play together, eat together, and work together.
We have cloth diapered 5 or the 6 kiddos Only Boy got skipped!  I started in flannel fitted I made with nasty plastic covers.  Girl #2 got rashes really bad toward the end and Dr. suggested disposables.  I found pocket diapers with #4 and thought "I can make those!".  :)  So I did.  Through looking and researching we found wool and hemp and bamboo, and a better diaper!
We decided to sell the better diaper and since it was "Nifty" and it was a "Nappy" we came up with
Nifty Nappy

I really love to make diapers.  I want you to know how much love your diapers get before they get to you! 
First I love picking out the adorable fabrics!
Then I enjoy watching them take form!
Finally after snapping them all I hold them and exclaim how cute they are!
   *I really do this with each diaper.  Hubby thinks I am extreme!
But then I have to show my girls how cute they are and any poor soul that wanders through my door.
So your diapers have already been loved by the time they hit your baby's bum!  We hope you love them just as much!

Happy Diapering