Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm admitting to my problem! :)

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I wanted to sit down real quick and jot down my reasons for CD'ing. That is short for cloth diapering for those of you who don't know the lingo- yet!

1. When I started CD'ing we were poor college students. Did I mention we were POOR? I got into CD'ing to save $$. It lasted a year and a half, then a rash and Dr. drove us back to sposies. (disposables)

2. Then I saw the cutest pocket diaper and thought I can make that and save $$ again. Did I mention they were cute? :)

3. I decided to broaden my horizons and found wool and organic hemp and bamboo. i make cloth diapers cause I just love them. And it makes me some $$! :)

I must admit I am a diaper junkie. I love the diapers. I told my oldest daughter the other day that I hope when people open their package with the diapers in them that they are so excited they have to call a friend or show a loved one. I hope they get all dramatic and go on and on about how cute they are with and endless smile on their faces! I hope they squeal in delight once in awhile too. Then I hope they get that same feeling when they put them on their little one and think to them self how adorable their little squirt is.
I hope they feel this way, because...
That is how I feel EVERY time I finish another diaper. Silly huh? It can be the same fabric I have used 30 or 40 times, but I still sit back and think how adorable they are. I just can't help smiling to myself.
I also love, Love, LOVE it when they send pictures back! How fun to see an adorable baby in my adorable diapers? That makes my day!
There you have it, now the world know about my addiction. Isn't that the first step? Admitting you have a problem? Well, I have admitted it over and over and it doesn't seem to be helping. :) That's ok, I think I will hole on to this one for awhile.

Happy diapering,


Sarah J. said...

There needs to be a support group for us junkies! I suppose it might be Twitter and #clothdiapers chats, but I think that just fuels the fire- LOL! :o)

Nifty Nappy said...

I eventually want to have a membersip part to my webpage with a forum and everything! Just give me a little time! :)

khutch said...

WOW!! I actually got a new dipe and wool cover about a week and a half ago.. Once they were all prepped and ready to use, I put them on my LO and took like a million pictures!! I LOVE GETTING NEW DIPES!! We currently have three sposies in our house right now because I'm still working on my stash... The CDs were in the dryer, finished drying I just hadn't stuffed them yet, and I caught my husband with a sposie sitting by him during a change! I was like "Honey! NO!!" lol I ran to the laundry room, grabbed one the AIOs I have and made him put that one on :) I'm also going to see the 'Diaper Lady' on Saturday.. It's the highlight of my weekend!!