Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the beginning of the end...

A year ago I had no idea how far I would have come... I would have laughed to think I had 14 amazing retailers and a waiting list of 20 more. Thanks to my amazing customers though that is where we began this new year. There were times when I had more work than I could handle and I got backlogged.. you guys were amazingly forgiving of my human-ness.

I am so very, VeRy, VERY sad to have to sit down and write out this post.
I don't know if you guys have heard about the CPSIA ruling... but it puts me out of business!
It is regulations for lead testing for items for children under the age of 12. I would have to send my diapers in for lead testing to a third party every time I use a a new batch of snaps or PUL. At $40 a pop I can't afford that. Plus I would have to have a tag on it that states the date, the batch, the lot #, the manufacturer, and contact info. I would have to keep track of each diaper I made... and when I used a different fabric it would be a different lot # and different snaps or PUL would b a different batch #. Sounds confusing? Well it is.. I am not very business oriented and I would have a hard time keeping track of all this... plus the tag would have to be like HUGE. :(
I can barely keep up as it is now ladies without all this added on!
I can't speak for others out there that are WAHM's... but I can't just ignore the law. Some will choose to, some don't even know about it, and some will manage to comply, but some that will be the end of.
I was so excited with were we were going! I had new products... care of products... soap nuts, a lanolizing potion, wool dryer balls, training pants.  I even have some new fabrics too. 
You all know how much I LOVE my diapers... and my retailers ... and my CUSTOMERS.
This is so hard for me to do. BUT in the end... I think it may be a good thing for my family.  My hubby is pretty burnt out on snapping diapers for hours a night. And my kiddos don't get to have things made by mama cause mama is always too busy. So maybe a blessing in disguise? I am trying to look at it that way or else I wouldn't make it through this.
I get all teary eyed when I think about not making diapers... not getting any more cute pics of your adorable little ones in their diapers... about losing some amazing friends I have made in the cloth diapering community.
I hope that last part doesn't happen... I plan on sticking around... Nifty Nappy will still be here.. just not in the same way. I do have some ideas rolling around in my head. I just will not be making and selling diapers anymore.
I plan on keeping my FB page... and my webpage... only there will be some changes of course... but I will keep promoting cloth diapers!

****** So the details? a month... that is how long we have... *******
on Feb. 10th I will stop selling my diapers.. (retailers may still have some in stock... but I will not take more orders after the 10th)
That gives you a month... if you have put off buying a Nifty Nappy diaper put it off no more or your chance my be gone!!!

Over the next month I will try to have some fun giveaways and stuff!!! Watch for sales from retailers and such!
I want to go out with a BANG!!! Can you help me do this? I need this to be a fun time... I need to not think about what I am letting go. :(
Thanks so much for all your support!  I am so happy you all love Nifty Nappy so much.

I have amazing friends and fans... SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting in the Modern Worldand EcoFresh Baby got together and made up a button for me. :) I wanted to share it with you... 

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers

Happy Diapering


B.C. Fleecy said...

You and your beautiful creations are an inspiration. Best of luck to you!

Rebecca O said...

Vilate...I am so sad. But, I understand that you are doing what is best for you and your family and by obeying the new law. I am so glad that I won one of your cloth diapers a few months ago! I will probably place an order before you completely shut your diaper making doors. Thank you so much for all your wonderful hard work and for promoting cloth! Best wishes to you and your family!


mom2boys said...

Oh Vilate.. We will miss all those precious Nifty Nappy diapers! I wish the best for you and your family. Now I need to round up all my pocket change to buy some more diapers before they're all gone! : )

nattyj said...

Oh that is a sad and hard decision you've made. But I believe everything happens for a reason & this may be just the closing of diapers and the opening of something new & exciting down the track-you never know. Plus your family will LOVE having you not so busy. Enjoy your last month & best wishes.

Amy said...

Oh my, this makes me so sad!!! I have never ever found a better diaper than the NN!! I have such respect for your amazing work and will be so sad to not be able to get any more of your diapers, but definitely hope this will be a blessing in disguise for you. I'd better go get to ordering some more dipes before I can't get anymore!! Thanks for an awesome product!!

Sdlgillikin said...

I'm just now reading this as I was wondering why you were closing. I just recently found your diapers, and now I'll be lucky if I can even buy one! Is there any way we could buy diapers from you as a personal favor? Like a friend making a diaper as a gift? I'm just wondering if there are any loop holes that would still make it legal.