Sunday, September 26, 2010

Join in the Trick or Treating!

Oh, I love Halloween!  When I was little I would get so excited about the colors and the decorations, but I especially loved the trick or treating.  BUT... then adulthood set in, and it just isn't ok to dress up and play.

Two really great mama's though have decided to bring back the fun to Halloween.
They are planning a fun Trick or Treating Event that you and I can participate in.  YAY!!!

Ultimate Trick or Treat Sponsor

So how can you participate?  This is like all those scavenger hunts that they have had... there are sponsors offering prizes, and you visit there page during the right time and find the hidden picture and return with your answers.

Where do you sign up to participate?  Well you can visit the webpage:
Mama and Ruby's Ultimate Trick or Treat

Or you can visit their facebook page: Mama and Ruby's Ultimate Trick-or-Treat on FB

I am Proud to sponsor!  Go get signed up for all that FUN!!!

Happy Diapering,

Happy Diapering