Saturday, August 21, 2010

moving up...

We are changing hotels!
We found out that they have this suite rented out for the 28th and 29th.  

We would have to move out and find another hotel for a couple nights then move back in.  Too much work for us we decided.  so we called around.  There are some cabins up in South Fork that they rent out, and the once place has a little apartment too.  

We are going to rent the apartment.  We are hoping for only a few more weeks of this and then to get into a house, but we know how we really have no control over the timing of somethings.  

In the meantime I am really excited to be moving because this place will have a kitchen.  YAY!  With room for my table so I can start sewing again on Monday!  

So we are moving on... this is a trial for sure, but we can make it work! 

Happy Diapering


Maria said...

I hope you are in a new place soon!

That one girl said...

OH man, sounds like my life just a few months ago waiting for our short sale to close!

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