Thursday, August 26, 2010

Did we get the house? YES!!!!

We got the house we wanted!  I am so super excited.  This house is just right for our family.  It has enough room, I can have a sewing room and everything.

OUR house! 

The dining room, off the Kitchen

The kitchen

The living room

the master bath

the family room

the yard... there are lots of fruit trees!

the house from the back

Happy Diapering


Maria said...


heyfreckles said...

So happy for you and the family! Congratulations Vilate!

Feminine Essence said...

I hope the closing is soon so you can settle in!

Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) said...

How fun :) Congrats! When do you move in?

Andrea said...

Congratulations, how exciting!

Chari said...

nice!!! I love the fruit trees!! Oh how I would love to have fruit trees!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! It looks nice.

Amy Walker said...

Yay! Great house!!!!

melanie said...

What a beautiful house!!! Looks so nice inside too. I'm so happy you shared pics with us.

sradke1024 said...

I am so excited you guys are finally getting settled in to your new home! I am glad you have your own work space and a great kids chair for your youngest to keep you company while you work!