Sunday, April 18, 2010

Notes of Worth!

I am super sorry ladies I lapsed in my giveaway schedule.  I just got swamped with orders and didn't feel I had the time to sit and blog.  :(  I will be getting another posted tonight though.  This week I am focusing on eco-friendly products for Earth Day!  I will also be closing out the 2 current giveaways I have going on so don't forget to enter!  
Just a couple notes of business though! 
#1- My retailers I have listed here are all going to be having a SALE this week on their Nifty Nappy's!
         *note-I am not having a sale on my website....if you want the deals visit my retailers!  :) 
Here are their links for convenience:

and for our Canadian fans:

I hope you will visit them and take advantage of there great sales!  

#2- the other BIG news!  
I have gotten involved in a great cause!  I want you to join too -if you haven't already!
I just threw out the idea on twitter the other day that we needed to make a push to get cloth diaper used in hospitals again.  My suggestion took on a life of it's own, and I have had some major help from some awesome ladies!  
We have a FB page and everything.  If you feel you have anything at all to offer, ideas, info, or photos please feel free to let me know!  We are going to be having a HUGE giveaway event too next join us!

So I hope you continue to come and check out my blog from time to time!  :)  
Thanks for being so awesome!  :) 

Happy Diapering


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What a great idea to get hospitals using cloth again!! I'm going to check out the FB page. Maybe I can give my hospital some tips when my little one is born in August!