Wednesday, April 7, 2010

break time!

So I am taking a break for a day - don't worry... I will get back to posting reviews tomorrow!  

So I wanted to share the excitement with you!  I have heard about the Diaper Jungle before, but I have never checked it out.  My sister gave me the push I needed to get my foot in the door.  I got on this morning and got all signed up and even got some of YOUR fan photos put up.  

To check it out NIFTY NAPPY on Diaper Jungle

If you want to you can take the time to add a review by clicking add review just to the right of my logo. 
You can also rate my listing!  I would appreciate either of these!  
Thanks you ladies!  I love you guys!   

So, how are you liking the reviews and giveaways to far?  Didn't I find some awesome things?  There are lots more coming too!  

So guess what I am going to have to be buying some more of?  PIGGY PAINT!  
I Love it and now they have a whole bunch of new colors!  My girls are way excited!  

So I also wanted to update you on the latest:

Piggy Paint has Launched a new line and guess what? Your code can be used on this line as well!  What was you discount?
10% discount!
Use the code: 
NIFTY10L   *expiration April 30, 2010
Spend over $35 and domestic shipping is FREE!
Piggy Paint is excited to introduce their new TWEEN polish line, "Project Earth" that includes wild, neon colors that will allow them to target an older audience.  There are 5 wild, neon colors, and even a glow-in-the-dark polish (name: Radioactive)!  It can be worn by itself, or applied to the top of other colors (as a topcoat, requires 2-3 coats for maximum "glow"). 
With names like "The Boyfriend Blues" and "Eat Your Peace", tweens are 
lovin' this eco-friendly, water-based alternative that dries to a hard, durable finish. Piggy Paint Project Earth's odorless formula makes it perfect 
to use at sleepovers for hours of manis and pedis. There's no need to worry about those harsh, stinky chemicals anymore! Project Earth was launched in conjunction with Piggy Paint's new, updated website April 1.

Laurie also added:
During the month of April I am running a BIG special!  If our Facebook followers reach 3,000 by April 29 I will run a BIG 2 hour Discount Code for our Facebook & Twitter followers!  It must reach the 3,000 mark so tell your followers, friends & family!!
Find their FACEBOOK HERE: Piggy Paint Facebook page 

Happy Diapering