Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wool Shopping!

I am EXCITED! I get to go wool shopping tomorrow.

First I have to explain that we live in (very) small town USA. The closest thrift store is an hr away, and it is a small one. I have to go 2 1/2 hrs to get to the city, BUT they have lots there.

So I am leaving the kiddos with a sitter and hubby and I are driving out to the city. This is a real sacrifice for him since he HATES to shop! He will get a good lunch out of it though, my treat even! :)

Here, come with me...

So you go to the thrift store and make a bee-line for the closest sweater rack. Ooooh, the have done this enough you can tell the ones that definitely aren't wool. There are some that are a big "?" mark, so you check the tag. Aaah, there isn't a tag on the neck what do you do? Ahh yeah, you know that if the tag isn't on the neck it is in the side seam, usually the right one. Darn, only 30% wool, that isn't enough...the next one is 80% that might work...yeah it will it is made with another natural fiber- and it is super soft! SCORE! This one is 100% wool, but it isn't the softest. rub it on your arm, well.... then you rub it on your, to scratchy! DANG too bad. It might make a cute bag though if you felted it. Throw it in anyway! :) Look, there are three more right in a row. *you do a little dance here
When you get to the check out line you have like 21 sweaters... you did good! :)

There, now you have gone wool shopping with me! Was it fun?


Secret Mommy said...

There is a rather large and brand new Goodwill about 2 miles from my house, but I can STILL understand your excitement about wool shopping! I get giddy when I go, too. :) Congrats on finding so many great things!

Rock Star Ma said...

Ha-ha! This post was awesome.

I have a clothing store at and part of my fashions come from an awesome local thrift shop so I can ToTaLly relate to the thrill of the hunt and deciding what makes the cut and what doesn't. No one wants to live in itchy fabric! :)

HappilyDomestic said...

Now I want to go wool shopping and I can't even sew worth a darn! ;-) I can see how those trips must be very exciting for you.