Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Addressing PUL... and another givaway

Here is another rave review of the Nifty Nappy and the Woolie Wrap! :) Gotta love it.
Julie over at ClothDiaperReviews gave a great review! You have a week to enter the giveaway. There are 5 ways to enter. So hurry over!

I wanted to address PUL today...

I am not a big PUL fan. I do use it to make my PeachyKeen Pockets and my SnappySwimzEaze though. I would rather use a Fitted and wool any day!
BUT that is just my opinion. I know lots of people that love a good pocket diaper or swear by an AIO. They are convenient for going out, leaving with a sitter, daycares, and daddy's. :)

If you have a diaper with a PUL layer in it there are a few things you should know about PUL.

Most PUL fabrics used are made by Fabrite. They are the biggest seller of PUL. They have done lots of testing on their PUL. It is medical grade and has been designed to to hold up to being sterilized. You can wash your PUL diapers the same as you would wash a prefold. You can also dry the Fabrite PUL in the dryer. I suggest sunning the diapers for the majority of the time, but I do like to throw my pockets in the dryer about once a month or so to reseal the PUL.

You should always follow the instructions for care given by the manufacturer of the diaper though. They may use a different brand of PUL, or they may use PUL on cotton which can separate easier. It could also be the type of elastic they use, or the form of closures. If they tell you not to dry them, then there is probably a reason.

My PeachyKeen Pockets are made with fabrite PUL. They are made with a layer of poly/PUL with the PUL sandwiched between the poly and the outer layer of the diaper. Even if your PUL does separate from the fabric...which can happen from time to will not have to worry about it getting ripped when you are stuffing the diaper.


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