Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WINNERS of the Photo contest!

So now to announce the winners of the photo contest!
I loved all the pics so much and it was hard to pick... I want to eventually have then all up on my webpage so we can see all the cute pics.
BUT I think you will see why I picked the winners I did!
I divvied it up.. I have some runners up, and then a grand prize!

So runners up:
Sarah L

Madison C

Andrea P

Brooke H

Jennifer V

Melissa P

AND the Grandprize winner is:

Heidi J

The runners up will receive a $35 GC to Nifty Nappy and Heidi wins the $75 GC!  
Congrats to all the winners!  I love to see all the cute pics since I can't use them anymore!  

Happy Diapering


Slee said...

yay brooke and sarah!

Slee said...

well, yay everyone, but you know, you root for the friends whose kids you recognize the hardest, lol.

Chari said...

great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!LOL! I love all of those pictures! (and all of those babies!!)

Nikki said...

How did I not know there was a photo contest going on? Pbbbt! Oh well - congrats to the winners & runner-ups! Love the photos!

Mindy said...

Cute. Congrats to the winners.

Erin said...

Aww! Two of my friends are runners up! I so wish Kairi didn't get hives the day I found out about the contest. That makes me really sad. Oh well - maybe next time! :)

heyfreckles said...

Such Awesome pics and adorable babies!!!