Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventures in our home!

It is adventure after adventure at our house.
On Thursday night we finally had everyone home and we were doing the bed time "ritual".  All the kids were in jammies, and had just finished brushing their teeth.  my shining "son" decided he had to go potty so he was kicking everyone else out of the bathroom.  My little Miracle didn't get all the way out before the door slammed sut.  Her finger was what was left behind.  :(
So then she comes out screaming.... I told her to calm down, it wasn't that bad.  She held her finger still and looked at it.  It was bleeding, so she freaked out.  She started shaking her hand and screaming, "I'm gushing, I'm gushing!"  with droplets of blood splattering everywhere.  When I finally got to her and stopped her she was bleeding more.  I grabbed one of my bamboo velour wipes and wrapped it up.  Found hubby... put my Right-hand-man (#1) in charge, took a minute to have family prayer...and then headed to the ER.  To make a long story short we were there for 4 hrs.  While there she fell asleep.  She was so brave and when we left they gave her a teddy bear.  All I had with me was my phone camera, so the pics aren't great!  But here they are:

so 4 stitches later:

Pretty nasty huh?
Then the next day we had a Birthday party for the 3 little girls!  :)
Fun was had by all!

She had moments she was tired ....  but for the most part she had FUN!  

Didn't the aprons and hats turn out cute?  They got to take them home.  

My helpers!  
My birthday girls!

The cake.... not as good as Amelia's but it was cute! 

Happy Diapering


Shelly Rose said...

Oh my goodness! That is terrible. i am glad her little finger is ok. I am always scared of little fingers in doors.

Slee said...

Oh wow, that's pretty graphic, but the apron wearing birthday party is awesome!
I hope that your wee one's finger heals quickly. *heart you*

saskia said...

what a fun party- i better not shoe mahala the pictures- and that finger- oh have we had fingers like that here- no fun

Jessie said...

Poor poor little thing!!! Praying for a quick recovery and healing!

I'm so glad they had fun at the party :-D

Anonymous said...

i left you something on my blog

Hope you will check it out

Mummatutu said...

few, as an adult I know what kind of pain that is... I can't imagine your poor sweetness!!! She is a very brave girl that's for sure! It was very sweet of the hospital staff to give her a brave girl pink bear... I worked on an ambulance and found that most kids would calm right down when given a lovie to hold! Hope her finger heals well!

Andrea said...

oh my! ouch!

Momma Such said...

That made my stomach hurt just looking at it! My (now) 4 year old had a cut like that on his finger once and had to get stitches. It was awful! At least she got to be cheered up at a birthday party the next day. :)

Thanks for adding my button and entering some giveaways! I will have a post up for you to view soon! :)
Oh, and your button is on my blog now too.

Attila & Tamara said...

Poor girl! Slammed fingers are so awful!

I LOVE the chef outfits! So cute!!!!

Monika said...

Ouch, that looks so painful! :(
The party looks like so much fun, what a great idea with the aprons and hats.

Jill said...

Sounds like a great party. By the way, the pics of all your girls with their nails painted is so cute!