Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweetening the Deal!

Don't miss entering my amazing Waldorf inspired doll and matching Nifty Nappy  


Guess what?  Saskia has loved all the comments and the new followers.  She thinks I have amazing followers.  She wants to be able to reward all of you and not just the winner.  She is such a sweet person and she wants you all to be able to have a Snug Snuggly for your little ones!  So she is offering a discount to my amazing followers!  
Ready?  15% a purchase from her etsy shop!  
What you need to do is leave this code: 
nifty snuggly
In the comments to seller at check out and she will refund you, through paypal, your discount!

What a sweetie huh?  Now all your adorable kiddos can have soft, love-able dolls!  

So to sweeten the deal, I am going to offer a 20% discount on a matching diaper.  Most of her dolls are made from left over scraps from my diapers.  If you buy a doll from Saskia's etsy shop then want a matching diaper for 20% off you email me that you bought a doll and which one!  I WILL check with Saskia and then I will email you a SECRET code to be used for your 20% off!  

Tempting huh?  well hurry!  she doesn't have that many dolls listed!  :)  

Happy Diapering


Creative Minds said...

What a good deal! ;)

Mindy said...

How cool! Terrific idea, ladies!